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1. 11. 2008

It catches fish once a vicar in the Danube below Bratislava Castle and pulled a gold fish. How to have a gold fish do, as well as the making, that when it is released back into the water, fulfill his wish to have. Vicar is zadiví that it wants to go back to the dirty water, but then released and expresses its wish: "Why do not you do something with the war in Kosovo ..." "See," he replied fish, "I am just a plain little Hungarian goldfish ... War - is it for me too. Why do not you wish for something else. " "So I would like to see that my farníci were serious, patient and kind." Tiddler to take a moment and then zamyslí horova: "And where is this war ...?

Fisherman catch a gold fish, that it says: - The fisherman, I have goldfish and me pursues in a desire to meet you. The fisherman on - I will therefore put, but I do not need to meet the demand, I am satisfied and do not need anything. But on that ship sleeping a seaman, so when zobudí, meets him, which it wants to. Swimming fish to the boat and wait until he wakes up. Seaman on a moment no sleep and even rozospaty naťahujúc to say: - Behold, a hundred knives in the back and hatchet in the head! - Recently, we have in the house of ecological disaster! - What happened?

- So I opened my cans, and what I see? Full of oil and dead fish. Do you know what is the biggest pitch? If you have an allergy to gold and catching goldfish. Fisherman catching a goldfish and she says to him: - meets the three wishes, but your mother-in-law gets twice as much. Fisherman porozmýšľa and say - I want a huge house with a swimming pool! Receives a huge house with a swimming pool, but the mother-in-law will receive two such houses. - I want one million crowns! Will receive one million, but the mother-in-law two million. The fisherman are scratches on the head and says - I want to death me so that I was dead!